Plans for New Ohio Hustler Store Fuel Flynt Feud

Lyla Katz
CINCINNATI — Hustler confirmed today that the company is planning to open a new store in downtown Cincinnati by the end of October.

“We are thinking of opening up another store in Cincinnati,” LFP corporate publicist Julie Messing confirmed to XBIZ.

The proposed location for the new store is 1618 E. 7th St., a few blocks away from the Hustler store on Elm street run by Jimmy Flynt, who said his brother is trying to undermine him.

“He’s trying to open a store in Cincinnati, trying to put me out of business and squeeze me out,” Jimmy Flynt said.

"My brother," Jimmy Flynt said, "He falls sickness to his demons from time to time and right now he's going through a troubled time I guess and just trying to squeeze me out of the company, he and his lawyers, who are also my lawyers."

But Larry Flynt said opening another store makes good business sense because he believes there’s enough demand to support another Cincinnati store, adding that the Hustler Hollywood store in Monroe is his most successful retail outlet in the country.

He said the new store will be run by his daughter, Theresa Flynt, and will sell sex toys, lingerie and other adult products. He said it will not sell sexually explicit videos, which in the past have been the focus of obscenity prosecutions.

Larry and Jimmy Flynt have been embattled in legal disputes for years, over the ownership of LFP assets and the Hustler brand name. Jimmy Flynt claims he has ownership rights to LFP’s various business entities.

In court documents obtained by XBIZ, Jimmy Flynt claimed that in 2005, he was induced to make monetary transfers to LFP believing they were being made to consolidate partnership assets for further expansion and growth.

“Had Jimmy known that Larry would pursue a competing Hustler store in Cincinnati, Jimmy would never have agreed to transfer ownership of the 411 Elm St. property,” the court papers said.