Titan Sues 244 Alleged File Sharers

Lyla Katz
SAN FRANCISCO — Titan Media has filed a copyright infringement complaint against 244 John Doe defendants, claiming they allegedly used a peer-to-peer network to distribute Titan’s movies.

The suit, filed at U.S. District Court in San Francisco, claims that each defendant used AT&T to access the Internet “for the purpose of engaging in the infringing activity.”

The complaint further says that the defendants used eDonkey2000 to share infringing copies of works belonging to Titan.

In the suit, Titan lists each of the anonymous John Does, their IP addresses, the date of the alleged reproduction and names the alleged infringed works that include, “Full Access,” “Alabama Takedown,” “Arcade on Route 9,” “Double Barrel,” “Bad Conduct,” “Battle Creek Break Down,” “Breakers, “Boiler,” “Boner,” “Carny,” “Copperhead Canyon” and dozens of others.

“Titan has been aggressively protecting its valuable content for years and as long as people continue to make and distribute illegal copies of its works, Titan will continue to seek compensation for the damage these infringers cause,” Titan attorney Gill Sperlein told XBIZ.