Irish Law Society Asks Tanya Tate to Speak

Lyla Katz
LOS ANGELES — The University College Dublin Law Society has reached out to rising star Tanya Tate and requested that she speak to students about the future of the adult entertainment industry.

Her discussion would also include her experiences in confronting the prejudices of fame through her chosen career.

But Tate’s previous commitments in the U.S. preclude her from appearing.

“I am very sad that I can not take part of the event,” Tate said.

“An opportunity as special as this, I don’t take lightly, but I must honor my commitments. However, I still would like to participate and submit that I am willing to record a video discussing my opinions for the students of the UCD Law Society.”

Should the UCD Law Society take Tate up on her offer, she will also make the video available online for all to view.

Tate launched her adult career in the U.K. 18 months ago, becoming a stand out star in England.

She also filmed a movie and graced the pages of Irish magazines.

Tate has launched her own “British Invasion” in the U.S. porn market and has received award nominations from the FAME and Nightmoves Awards.