Stoney Curtis Unveils New Sex Device

Dan Miller
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Stoney Curtis and his production company Lethal Hardcore will release an outrageous new porn series in September called “Spin On My Cock,” which features the debut of Curtis’ custom-made sex table.

Directed by Curtis protege Chucky Sleaze, each girl in “Spin On My Cock” climbs Curtis’ naughty version of a Lazy Susan, or a rotating tray, and then bounces on a live dick attached to the guy laying underneath the table. There is a large, circular hole cut out of the middle of the table, allowing for the penetration. Curtis said the idea came to him after hours of meditation.

“I think my inspiration for this — I’ve been shooting porn for 17 years and going through various sexual positions that are quite similar over those years — and I thought there’s got to be a new way to experience a woman’s vagina,” Curtis told XBIZ. “I just kept envisioning a way to spin the girl, if there was a way to take a girl and twist her around on a dick, some sort of mechanism I could build and put a girl on top of. And it turned out a table was the most viable way to do it.

“That’s why we designed this table. It has a Lazy Susan built right into it with a nice-sized hole. The guy can stick his cock into the hole and she sits on the dick. This way he can control it and she can also control too. She can twist. She can go up and down on the cock while he twists her, and there are 360 degrees of motion.”

Curtis, who is already in pre-production on the second volume, revealed his plans to add arm railings to the table “so the girls can twist in circles themselves.”

“There will be more tables coming in the future. I do have a patent pending with the patent office in case anybody thinks they’re going to start a line. We will be aggressive enforcing the patent we have. The working name is Stoney’s Spinning Sex Table,” he said.

April O’Neil graces the box cover of the first edition, while Emy Reyes, Tanner Mayes, Jesse Jordan and Ivy Winters also perform. The wood is supplied by Criss Strokes, Billy Glide and Christian XXX. Curtis said the girls responded well to the novelty of it.

“They started out a little bit nervous because it’s such a brand new concept that they had no idea how it would work,” Curtis explained. “So they were allowed to have sex off camera in missionary to warm the girl’s pussy up. Because of the spinning motion that happens inside her pussy she does have to be warmed up first. So as soon as she felt as though she was warmed up, she got on the table. They were excited. It was like an adventure. They claimed it was a completely different feeling and the orgasms they experienced were quite different.”

Curtis said each of the six scenes included a combination of straight fucking on a couch and two positions with the table — cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

“You see the girl and first she sucks the cock. We actually have the girl spinning, so her mouth is spinning on his dick. So not only does her pussy spin on the cock, her mouth spins on the cock,” he continued. “We also did something that’s a camera angle that’s probably never been shot in the history of porn. We put the camera on the table and got a close-up as the table spins. The camera is stationary and it follows her pussy. Everything in the room is moving but she’s still. It’s really an incredible angle that I think the fans will really enjoy. It’s something different for the true connoisseur.”

Curtis said he is shooting enough content of girls riding the “Horny Susan” to build a Spin On My Cock website, but until that launches some exclusive footage will be appearing on

“For the first volume we wanted to use the smallest girls we could find. We felt like we’d have an easier time going up and down on the table. For girls with longer legs it’s harder,” Curtis said. “It also depends on the athleticism of the girl. Some girls can do it if they’re taller and bigger. We’ll probably do a ‘Spin On My Cock’ big tits version, a MILF version, an interracial version. We’ll do different types of niches.”

To celebrate the movie’s release through Pulse Distribution on Sept. 6, Curtis is collaborating with King Ryan Events to throw a party on Friday, Sept. 3 at The Highlands in Hollywood. Industry talent should RSVP to

Curtis said he would be bringing the table with him for photo and signing opportunities.

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