Bluebird Streets 'Murder Mystery Weekend'

VENICE, Calif. — Bluebird releases "Murder Mystery Weekend: Act 3, Styx & Stones," part of the studio's thriller series.

According to the company, the story is set in an English manor house with 12 guests trying to figure out who the murderer is as corpses pile up.

“I know Bluebird likes their movies to have a sense of authenticity, but this is just a bizarre coincidence," said Cindy Behr, an exclusive contract performer who stars as Sherlockina Holmes.

"Of course, it’s made the Murder Mystery Weekend players more determined to find our murderer before any of us become victims.”

The release stars Cindy Behr, Carly Parker, Angel Long, Kit Lee, Kat Lee, Valerie Pearl, Rebeccah Smyth, Lezley Zen, Stacey Saran, Starr, Natalia Faith, Donna Marie, Tony James, Pascal White, Sonny, Steve Hooper, Ben Dover and Paul Chaplin and is available now.