Riley Steele Dazzles at 'Piranha' Premiere

Dan Miller
LOS ANGELES – Digital Playground contract star Riley Steele on Wednesday attended the Hollywood premiere of “Piranha 3D,” her feature film debut that opens in theatres across the country on Friday.

Steele walked the red carpet at the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre while the world press corps captured her every move.

“It was so much fun,” Steele said Thursday. “I’ll always remember it.”

She continued, “I was kind of nervous because there were so many photographers there. I had never seen so many photographers grouped in such a small space. And when you walk in and everyone starts screaming, you know you just have to work it. You have to make the pictures look good…”

The 22-year-old native of San Diego filmed her role in “Piranha” for seven weeks last summer in Lake Havasu, Ariz. She said she was thrilled with the final product.

“I thought it was great,” Steele said. “There were some great 3D effects in it. This was one of the first 3D movies I’ve seen. I had seen ‘Toy Story,’ but I never even saw ‘Avatar,’ and things really come out at you in this. … the CGI was really good on the piranhas. Body parts were just ripping apart when you least expect it and everyone was grossed out.”

The personable starlet said her scenes came together just as she expected.

“I was very proud of my scenes. I was kind of nervous to see it because I’m in a thong throughout the entire movie so I was like ‘I hope I don’t look fat right now,’” she joked. “But I was really excited to see the mermaid swim thing with [Kelly Brook]. We worked so hard on it. Every other day we were training for it.”

Digital Playground CEO Samantha Lewis remarked, "Riley was stunning, she just sparkled like a diamond as she walked down that red carpet. She was phenomenal in the film as well. She possesses a certain charm that makes you want to watch her. I have no doubt that this is the beginning of many wonderful mainstream roles for our young superstar."

Digital Playground founder Joone added, "Riley was wonderful, it was so exciting to watch her shine in this environment. Riley has major star potential and this is just the beginning."

The former Starbucks barista, who also worked at a golf course snack bar before entering adult, performs in two sex scenes in Digital Playground’s upcoming firefighter epic “Body Heat.” She also stars in the recently released “Bar Pussy,” “That’s My Girl” and “Strict Machine.”

Steele, who plans to celebrate her 23rd birthday on Aug. 26 with some relaxation, told XBIZ she even met actress Rebecca Romjin at the premiere.

“She’s so beautiful,” Steele said. “She’s very sweet and she’s so tall. She’s even more beautiful in real life.”