Elite Male Platinum Releases Dragon Series in HD, Blu-ray

Lyla Katz
NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Elite Male Platinum announced the release of its “Logan vs. Dragon” film in high-definition DVD and Blu-ray.

"This is the second edition in the Dragon series, which as a whole has been in the works now for several months,” an Elite Male spokesman said.

“But after the first title ‘Rush vs. Dragon,’ starring Matthew Rush, was so well received by both fans and critics, we felt it would be best to offer Blu-ray as well as regular DVD to give the fans of the series the best possible quality film we can produce with the most up-to-date technology in the Blu-ray format as we could."

TLA Video, the online source for the film said that “Logan vs. Dragon” "ranks up there as one of the bigger battles of the tattoos we've seen in a while. Tons of ink was spilled on co-cover models Jack Dragon and Logan McCree, and you'll end up spilling plenty of you own creamy ink after sidling on up to this blue-collar themed sexfest from director Joe Budai."

Michael F, owner of Elite Male said, "This is the first film we're releasing in both Blu-ray and DVD. The market is supporting both formats now and we of course want to make sure the fans are able to get them in any format they wish, so for us it was more logic than experiment.”

He added that this is the second film in a three-part series of the Dragon films.

“We were so fortunate to have Matthew Rush star in the first film with Jack, we wanted to follow it up with something maybe not better, but at least as good and since the third film is going to solidify the entire series. I don't want to give away to much as you'll have to wait to see what the next and final edition brings."

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