Black Market Streets New Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Black Market’s newest series, "Mommy, Me & a Black Man Make 3," is streeting next week.

The release stars Raven Black, Summer Bailey, Sara Jay, Kasey Grant, Cece Stone, Bailey Brooks, Morgan Ray, Amber Rayne and Lisa DeMarco who play moms and daughters.

The company say the women tag team Black men in more than 120 minutes of various mother/daughter scenes.

“Just the title, 'Mommy, Me and a Black Man Make 3' is going to cause and uproar, but it perfectly describes the movie,” said James Melendy, Black Market Owner.

“You don’t see a lot of mother/daughter titles, but it’s every guy’s fantasy. A few months ago, we started streeting at least two new series every month. We not only want to give the fans fresh content, but interesting concepts. Black Market has always been all about doing something different in the Urban marketplace, and it won’t change.”

Directed by Damien Cane, "Mommy, Me & a Black Man Make 3" streets Aug. 23.