Sliquid, LoveHoney Tap Hodder Media for PR

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Lubricant and lotion manufacturer Sliquid and LoveHoney, an international retailer and manufacturer, have tapped Hodder Media for business-to-business marketing.

Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott, who recently joined forces with British e-tailer LoveHoney LTD to form its U.S. entity, said he looks to Hodder Media CEO Anne Hodder to act as company spokeswoman within the industry as the two manufacturers expand their product lineups and retail presence.

“I’ve been a fan of Anne for a long time and always felt she looked out for the boutique brands within the industry,” Elliott said. “I knew she could help spread the word about the fabulous things that Sliquid and LoveHoney are up to — and who better to be our mouthpiece than someone with years of experience and industry knowledge, and who is so well received by all?”

Hodder Media said it would provide support to adult B2B media outlets by providing timely Sliquid and LoveHoney company news and information.

“I’ll be the bridge between the two companies and the adult press to make sure editors have the tools they need to keep the industry informed of Sliquid’s and LoveHoney’s innovative brand developments,” Hodder said. “I know the adult media, manufacturing and retail worlds quite well thanks to my years as writer and editor at one of the industry’s leading media companies. I look forward to representing these two companies, each with its own unique presence within adult.”