Liberator, Pornhub Partner for Online Store

Lyla Katz
ATLANTA — Pornhub has entered into a business arrangement with Liberator to become its e-commerce solution.

Pornhub executives say the integration of an online store will enable web traffic to convert into additional revenue.

The companies say the arrangement will be beneficial to both parties, while also improving user and consumer experience.

The Pornhub store by Liberator, which went live on July 30, includes the full range of Tenga male masturbators and full line of Liberator products including, Liberator Shapes, sex furniture, sex toys, Latex Couture and more.

“Liberator has stepped in to fully integrate an online store that is both streamlined with the look and feel of the Pornhub site and includes the established brand and exceptional quality that Liberator has to offer,” said Michael Kane, director of business development for Liberator.

Liberator said it is currently seeking to partner with additional websites as an e-commerce provider.