Treasure Island Athlete Wins Gold at Gay Games

SAN FRANCISCO — A Treasure Island Media athlete has won three gold medals at the 2010 Gay Games in Germany.

Robert Remington, who was sponsored by T.I.M., took firsts in 1m springboard, 3m springboard and platform events.

"Sure, I love sports, but more than that I loved the idea of giving the Germans a gander at that perfect butt," said Paul Morris, T.I.M.'s founder and owner. "Now that’s inspiring!"

T.I.M. general manager Matt Mason said, "We’re all really proud of Robert. Winning three gold medals took a lot of work and dedication.”

"I'm truly grateful for their sponsorship," Remington said. "Everyone I've met in the company has been wonderful. I'm proud to represent them.”

Remington has a featured role in T.I.M’s soon-to-be-released video “Suck Dick, Save the World.”