Tristan Mathews Directs New Film

SAN DIEGO — Gay adult performer and director Tristan Mathews has released his second film with the help of CustomBoys Video producer/owner Steve Jerome.

This second installment is the follow-up to the first comedy flick “Bowser Makes a Porn.”

According to the company, the movie is about eight hunky men who agree to help Bowser make his second film. The movie has a special guest appearance from Sharon Kane who plays Bowser’s mom.

“It was a honor to get to work with Sharon Kane, she is amazing, the movie would have not been the same without her,” Mathews said.

The film stars Tristan Mathews, Dayton O'Conner, Shane Matthews, Dominik Rider, Enrique Currero, Kris Anthony, David Lee, Allesandro Del, Torro and Billy DeWitt.

“Bowser Makes Another Porn” is now streaming on AEBN and will be released on video soon.