Jet Set Men's 'Wild Palms' Available for Download-to-Own

Lyla Katz
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jet Set Men has announced that its gay adult soap opera, “Wet Palms” episodes 1-9 are now available for download-to-own for the first time.

The company says the episodes are presented in their entirety with all dialogue and hardcore sex intact at

Production of “Wet Palms” was discontinued after the creator of the series, Brett Drysdale left the studio. But, it’s back in full swing now that scenes are available for iPhones, iPods, Zune and computers.

“‘Wet Palms’ when it was released was hailed by many critics as ahead of its time, but I feel it recalls a bygone era of gay porn with its award-winning concept and attention to production values,” Drysdale said.

“There's murder, intrigue, corporate espionage, and of course lots of hot sex with a huge cast of stars - and those guys could act! Wet Palms is and always will be a one of a kind series that has something for everyone."

The gay episodic soap produced by Jet Set Men, is a series of interwoven stories revolving around the scandalous lives of the residents and visitors of a West Hollywood hotel/residence named Wet Palms.

“Wet Palms” episodes feature a cast including Michael Soldier, Gabriel Knight, Rob Romoni, Brad Benton, Jason Ridge, Ethan Marc, Rod Barry, Cody Cash, Jason Sechrest, Bret Wolfe, with special appearances by porn director Chi Chi LaRue, Sharon Kane, Ashton Sorenson, Andrew Addams, Chad Donovan and Paolo Cortez.

“Making ‘Wet Palms’ was so much fun,” Jet Set Men’s Rob Romoni said. “Some of my best memories in porn are from being on those sets. The hysterical scenes are even funnier on an iPhone.”

The Jet Set Men website allows users to download episodes in the format they choose (FLV, M4V & WMV) with no increased charge for selecting the same scene in a different format.

Internet users do not need a membership to download scenes. The website does offer a discount for members and the ability to watch scenes prior to purchasing them.

The company says the most unique feature of the Jet Set Men website is that once users purchase downloads they retain access to their scenes.

“We are thrilled to offer Wet Palms in a new format so that tech savvy people can watch it for the first time or see it all over again,” said Chris Steele, Jet Set Men head honcho.

“The Wet Palms series was iconic when it was released and there has never been anything like it since. Wet Palms is a true gay porn classic.”