Sin City Inks Deal With Nick Manning for New Series

Bob Johnson
CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Sin City announced today that it has signed veteran performer Nick Manning to a one-year contract for his new “Dropping Load” series of movies.

According to the company, production has already begin and the first two volumes in the series are close to being unveiled.

“Nick is one of the most unique and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting,” said Jared Sturman, Sin City general manager. “He has a gifted imagination and limitless talent. We are extremely proud to have him join our family and look forward to helping him bring this treasure to fans all over the world.”

This will be Manning’s first attempt at producing his own films, according to Sin City. He will splice hundreds of hours of his never-before-seen mainstream documentary movie and cable TV footage into new sex scenes.

“Directing Nick fucking is like watching a man possessed by an insatiable sex demon,” said Devan Cypher, Sin City head of production and marketing.

He added, “It's a life altering event somewhere between an exorcism and a hyper-erotic episode of Tourette's that ends up encompassing the whole range of human emotion. Fans watching these new scenes are as likely to laugh or cry or scream at the television all in the course of a few minutes, but in the end, they will get a deep release to Nick's performance that borders on catharsis. He's that powerful – like a faith healer or a shaman.”

Manning is renowned for his signature “dropping loads” yell as he orgasms on film. Sin City said it’s the very same signature scream that Howard Stern fans have come to know and love, bringing him [Manning] both infamy and international acclaim.

“I am grateful to Sin City, Jared, and Devan for giving me their trust and for being so supportive of my dream," Manning said. "I am looking forward to bringing my fans the series they have been waiting for since the day I started in this business. You have never seen anything like what's cumming. I promise you that."

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