Webmaster Angers Thai Gov

Cory Kincaid
UNITED KINGDOM – An adult webmaster who featured the image of the Thai flag on her porn site is in hot water with the Thai government.

According to reports, the webmaster, known as Sammy, used the image of the flag as a reference point for describing Bangkok as major hub for the sex industry. Sammy operates her website from Britain.

The Thai government is so outraged that it is pursuing legal action against the webmaster for violating both the National Flag Act and the Criminal Act.

If the British Attorney General decides to extradite the webmaster, she could face up to a year in prison for violating the National Flag Act and an additional three years for the Criminal Law violation. She also faces hefty fines in Thai currency.

Thai police are working alongside the British government to locate the woman and bring her to justice. However, legal experts are saying that the webmaster could avoid prosecution as long as she stays out of Thailand.

A representative for the Thai government was quoted as saying that the use of the Thai flag on a porn site was an "insult to the country's image."

In central Asia, police in the state of Kullu, India, have arrested seven people for making amateur porn films. According to reports, the suspects will be charged under the Immoral Activities Act.

Indian officials are claiming that this is the first porn bust in Kullu's history. Adult pornography is illegal in India.

According to reports, police have seized film recorders, video editors, video cassettes, and pre-filmed content. They are also hunting down all adult performers in the videos with intent to prosecute.