Director Brad Armstrong Reveals Parody Plans

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES – Veteran director Brad Armstrong is making his move into the popular parody market beginning pre-production on a TV spoof, “Almost 24.”

The first title will be shooting in late August with adult legend Randy Spears playing the heroic Jack Bauer character.

The 2010 XBIZ Director of the Year (Individual Project) award winner said that in addition to “Almost 24,” he’s now ready to shoot a series of ambitious satires for Wicked Pictures among them XXX tributes to such TV shows and movies as the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Risky Business” and an epic “Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman” pairing.

The director is also planning on doing some serious titles adding a comedic twist to some of the dramas.

“This is something totally new for me and I can’t wait to get started," Armstrong said. "I’ve been slow to enter the parody market, but it seems the mainstream audience and even the producers of some of the original shows are embracing parodies, so the timing feels right." Armstrong is noted for his trademark style and attention to detail. His career spans more than 15 years and includes such releases as “Conquest,” “Flashpoint,” “Euphoria,” “Dreamquest,” “Manhunters,” “Eternity,” “Coming Home,” “Fuck,” “Curse Eternal,” “Fallen,” and last year’s “2040,” for which he received XBIZ honors.

The director noted that his decision to enter the genre is the result of careful research.

“I’ve watched a lot of the parodies that have been done over the last two years. Some of them have been really good, while others have been a cheap disguise for bad '90s-style porn. But the distributors and consumers can’t seem to get enough. Some might say that parodies are fizzling out, but the numbers don’t lie. They’re still outselling most of the other product out there. It just feels like the right time to jump in and have some fun,” Armstrong said.

One proposed title – “The Rocky Whore Picture Show” is on Armstrong’s short list as a fun project despite a snag.

“Because the music [of Rocky Horror] is so entwined with the movie, we approached the publishers/writers of the now world-famous soundtrack. We came so close to licensing it too. Out of the three people involved, two were cool with adult, but one said no. Man, that would’ve been cool! I guess porn’s climb into bed with mainstream still has a ways to go. Meanwhile, my musical team is working on remakes of ‘The Time Warp’ and other 'Rocky Horror' classics. Good news is now we get to have a little fun ‘porn-ifying’ the lyrics," he said.

Wicked Pictures President and owner Steve Orenstein expressed his excitement over Armstrong’s plans. “Brad has had an amazing career in adult entertainment, spanning almost 15 years. I'm excited to see him unleash his movie making abilities in the parody arena.”

"The real challenge will be finding movie and TV titles that haven’t already been pillaged,” Armstrong said.