Avelli Named Baci Lingerie’s Exclusive U.S. Partner

Ariana Rodriguez
BOULDER, Colo. — Baci Lingerie has tapped Avelli, Inc. as its exclusive U.S. partner for a strategic alliance to introduce the lingerie brand to the U.S. market.

“We are thrilled to be able to have such an amazing opportunity and be part of this revolutionary brand that will definitely redefine the industry,” Avelli President and founder Randall Hughes. “Our team has the knowledge, creativity and motivation to cover the whole approach to managing Baci Lingerie and to achieve our common goal of becoming the market leader in the U.S.”

Baci Lingerie COO Robert Rosen, who refers to Avelli as “an industry leader on brand management and strategy,” said Baci Lingerie’s concept and philosophy and well designed, high-quality lingerie blends perfectly with Avelli’s 11 years of creative thinking and developments in brand building and practice.

"Baci lingerie is pleased to partner with Avelli Inc., whose visionary commitment to the brand will ensure that all goals and requirements that Baci Lingerie has set out to change the industry will be accomplished," Rosen said. “With 11 years of brand development and management, Avelli was the perfect match for Baci Lingerie to ensure a win, win situation for everyone.

“Baci Lingerie was seeking a partner who not only has the logistical capabilities to distribute all of our brands products but also who shares our creative understanding of building a brand. Our concept and philosophy of delivering affordable luxury is a promise that Baci Lingerie was founded upon and keeping that promise means finding a partner who understands the Baci Lingerie brand and will ensure that promise is delivered.”

Avelli's more than 11-year tradition of developing consumer-focused luxury brands include OPHORIA Fine Bedroom Toys, Lover's Choice, Cupidology and Comfortnöw Labs.

“For Avelli, our partnership with Baci Lingerie is such an amazing opportunity because they offer exceptional quality at affordable prices,” Hughes said. “Baci Lingerie is truly affordable luxury, and that is exactly where all of our brands are positioned. The U.S. market is incredibly competitive, and Baci Lingerie needed someone who has proven experience building brands in this market. Their values, principles and brand rationalization are aligned with ours; and we share a common goal to be No. 1 in the U.S. market.

“Avelli is exceedingly excited about our partnership with Baci Lingerie, and know that this latest edition to our family of brands is a shining star. The business model not only promises financial growth for our retail partners, but it’s commitment to developing the highest-quality intimate lingerie at the most affordable prices ensures happy and loyal customers.”

According to both companies, the first order of business will be arranging the shipment of 5,000 of Baci Lingerie’s Collection Books, valued at $500,000, to customers who pre-registered at the International Lingerie Show and to those who have requested a Collection Book through info@baci-lingerie.com. Collection Books will be sent out in the next week or two and the first collection of Baci Lingerie will be ready for delivery shortly thereafter with pre-orders welcomed.

Baci Lingerie also announced that it will establish its 4,400- square-foot flagship store In the heart of the Miami Design District at the end of the year.