TopBucks Mobile Launches PureAnime

Bob Johnson
TUCSON, Ariz. – Adult mobile powerhouse TopBucksMobile announced today the launch of PureAnime, adding another category to the program’s portfolio of mobile niche sites.

The company said the site is built entirely on full-length, authentic Japanese anime videos.

“The launch of is an extension of the company’s long-running approach to the market,” said Lea Busick, TopBucks mobile marketing director.

Busick added, “A core element of our strategy, dating back to the dawn of the TopBucks program, has been to offer a wide range of content for our webmasters to promote. is a continuation of that strategy and it also happens to be a niche in which there is relatively little competition in the current adult mobile market.”

In addition to its unique content, Busick noted that the site offers consumer-friendly price points and webmaster-friendly PPS rates.

“The combination of a $1 trial price point and content that is rare in the mobile space is a potent one for money making purposes,” Busick said. “We’ve seen it at work with another of our recent launches, and converted extremely well during the prelaunch testing phase.”

TopBucks Mobile offers both PPS and revenue share options for webmasters, with payouts ranging as high as $25 per sign up on a $1 trial and 60 percent on the revenue share program.

The program also offers a variety of sales tools, including white label options, mobile redirect scripts, custom portal pages, RSS feeds and free promotional content.

For more information visit TopBucksMobile.