Margold Resigns From FSC

Gretchen Gallen
CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Nearly a month after the Free Speech Coalition's (FSC) Executive Director Bill Lyon stepped down from his post, another inveterate board member has decided to resign.

William Margold tendered his resignation at the FSC's last board meeting in order to devote more time to Protecting Adult Welfare (P.A.W.), a non-profit welfare organization he founded in the 1990s to support adult entertainment industry talent in various stages of need.

Interim Executive Director Kat Sunlove is calling the resignation a mutual decision among the board of directors and a long-awaited opportunity for Margold to devote himself to his passion for helping adult performers through difficult times.

"I feel that at this time it is more important to take care of the lifeblood of the industry, more specifically the performers, because without them we have nothing," Margold told XBiz. "Everything has a reason and it's a good time to move on from the FSC to other things."

While Margold feels the word 'resignation' is a little harsh, he prefers to think of his departure from the FSC as a chance to pursue opportunities for making PAW a more effective support network for adult performers.

"His heart is absolutely in the right place," Sunlove told XBiz. "We ended up realizing that it could be much better for him to focus on his work there and to bring it all to the next level."

Sunlove herself has committed to helping Margold give PAW a more professional edge and has offered to help secure grants and subsidies that could bolster the organization's visibility within the industry.

A former probation officer turned adult performer, producer, and script writer, Margold has been an active member of the adult entertainment world since the 1970s. He ran his own adult entertainment agency, Red Sunset International from 1973-1982, and he is credited with being one of the original organizers and founders of the FSC back when it was known as the Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.

Margold also helped officiate its placement as the trade organization for the adult entertainment industry.

"I am very much concerned with the history of the adult industry," Margold told XBiz. "There is no future if in the present we fail to pay homage to the past, and right now we really need to make adult welfare a priority. I am so proud to have been a member of the FSC, but I feel that PAW really needs my focus and organization. I'm really hoping that the people who utilize adult talent and the fans who enjoy their work will see fit to rise up and donate sufficient amounts of money to provide the kinds of support and services that are needed."

The FSC is presently in the middle of board of director elections with seven slots to fill by the end of the year.

Sunlove told XBiz that the FSC is on the verge of some exciting changes and that she is pursuing advertising development and several other initiatives.