Sunset Thomas, Morgan Ray Team Up for 'Sensual Healings'

LAS VEGAS — Adult stars Sunset Thomas and Morgan Ray team up for their new cable TV show called “Sensual Healings” and the public is invited to attend the shooting of the first episode.

The scene will be shot at Las Vegas’ landmark swingers club The Green Door tonight at 10 p.m.

Sunset Thomas and Morgan Ray will be taking questions from the audience about love, sex and anything kinky.

“We’re going to stretch the envelope of sexual advice,” Ray said.

In the new show, Morgan Ray will play a doctor role with her many degrees in psychology and Sunset Thomas plays a role of a funny person that has been round the block a few times.

“Sex and entertainment—that’s what it’s all about and that’s what Vegas is all about,” Thomas said. “Someone has got to fill the niche.”

Ray added, “What Morgan and I want to do is show the natural and healthy side of sexuality. We’re going to answer and ask questions—be frank about the freak.”