Holiday Products Now Offering Shunga

MONTREAL — Shunga Erotic Art has inked a distribution deal with Holiday Products to offer the brand to all of its accounts in the U.S.

“We are very proud of this new partnership and to be working with a company that has been there for a while and offered products designed for couples,” said Ron Vaillancourt, marketing director for Shunga. “Since people are still making love and thus, lovers everywhere still crave the accoutrements that complete their passion and desires, this newest partnership between Shunga and Holiday will certainly reach success we are both expecting and will certainly bring both of us new opportunities.”

Holiday Products opened its doors in 1985 as an upscale distributor and manufacturer of specialty adult products for women, men and couples.

"This is the re-establishment of a long term relationship I have personally held with Shunga," Holiday Products Vice President Ken Sahn told XBIZ. "To reunite Holiday Products and Shunga is very exciting for us and our customers "

Shunga Erotic Art is made in Montreal, Canada, and uses Shungas as its packaging, which are Japanese erotic works of art from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

The collection has 18 categories of products offered in various flavors and fragrances, including find massage oils, heating aphrodisiac oils, body powders, massage creams, massage candles, sensations balm, and orgasm stimulation cream for women, lubricants, bath & shower gels, Dead Sea salts, natural herbal supplements for sexual energy, chocolate body paint and various luxury kits.

Available in more than 70 countries, Shunga Erotic Art can be found anywhere from adult specialty stores to lingerie high-end boutiques, to high-end department stores, to perfumeries.

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