Veronica Vera to Appear at N.Y.’s Happy Ending

NEW YORK —Veronica Vera, a former sex journalist, porn star, erotic model and prostitute’s rights activist, will appear at Happy Ending in New York’s Lower East Side for the monthly storytelling series, the Red Umbrella Diaries.

She has run Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls since 1992.

Other storytellers include Michael Pollack, who will recount the dirty New York of yore through his time spent as a porn theater owner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn during the 1970s; and Lauren Wissot, author of the erotic memoir Under My Master’s Wings, about her time spent as the personal slave to a gay-for-pay-stripper/porn.

The Red Umbrella Diaries is a monthly storytelling series where people who’ve tangled with the sex industry tell personal stories about the complications that arise when you mix sex and money.

The series is produced and hosted by Audacia Ray, a former sex worker, author of the book Naked on the Internet, and director of the bisexual feature film The Bi Apple.

The Red Umbrella Project includes a weekly podcast featuring stories from the live events and a monthly blog carnival.