Lover’s Choice Changes Name to Avelli

Ariana Rodriguez
BURLINGTON, Ontario — Lover's Choice Inc. announced that the company will now be operating under the new moniker, Avelli, Inc.

The company said the decision was made to better reflect its role as a brand management company and parent company of brands such as Lover's Choice, Ophoria Fine Bedroom Toys, Cupidology and Comfortnöw Labs.

“Over the years we've developed multiple brands and since Lover's Choice is just one of our successful product lines, the transition to the Avelli name represents our evolution into a brand management company,” said Randall Hughes, Avelli president and CEO. “As a parent company, Avelli will continue to nurture our existing brands and be able to bring in new brands that we'll treat as our own children.

“Each brand's success is dependent on our initial nurturing, our emotional and financial investments long-term, and our disciplined guidance for developing long-lasting friendships. We are committed to building a family of brands that enhance the lives of consumers and drive long-term loyalty.”

According to the company, the Avelli name is a derivative of Machiavelli, the Italian writer and philosopher; and was chosen for Machiavelli's positive characteristics, which include passion, dedication, intelligence and loyalty.

Avelli’s new address is 7-5040 Mainway Dr., in Burlington, Ontario. The company can be reached by phone at (905) 335-9993.

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