Axel Braun Reveals Plans for 3D 'Star Wars' Parody

Bob Johnson
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Director Axel Braun is hoping to cast Lexington Steele as Darth Vader in his upcoming 3D "Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody" film and revealed that the movie is the first in a planned series.

In an interview with XPeeps, Braun said he likes the idea of using Steele because he’s a great performer and it will allow him to stay true to the details of "Star Wars."

“The voice of Darth Vader was James Earl Jones, you know, it's a black guy, and I like the idea of using a black performer for the role. I think it makes sense. Plus, you know, Darth Vader is supposed to have (been very well endowed), so who better than Lex?," Braun said.

Braun also said that he’s planning on "Star Wars" sequels that will follow the story line of each movie, but because it’s a parody he’ll exploit certain areas.

"When you sell a fantasy you can't just have a couple of characters dressed up and then a bunch of random people having sex," Braun said. "You want to see your characters having sex. I think that Chewbacca will definitely have a scene so will Darth Vader and Luke and Han Solo and of course, Princess Leia will be the big scene at the end. We can't say who she's going to have sex with but it's gonna be entertaining."

The director also revealed that he is planning sequels to his “Batman XXX: A Porn Parody” film.

He said he attended Comic-Con in San Diego last week and was delighted at the fan response.

"I went with Evan Stone, who played the Riddler in my Batman parody, he dressed up as the Riddler and he signed Batman posters at the booth and he was literally mobbed. There were more people trying to get his autograph and the posters than for those for [the film] 'Inception,' which was at the next booth."

Not to miss the adult angle, Braun noted that shooting in 3D has its own methods when it comes to adult films.

“On my recent 3D project all the pop shots were aimed almost at the camera so that it feels like it's coming out of the screen, so that's one of the things. And of course squirting being one of the things I'm known for, that will be involved," Braun said.