Dubai Getting Into Sex Toy Market

Bob Johnson
DUBAI – The oil-rich nation of Dubai – one of seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates – is beginning to embrace lubes of a different nature.

According to a report on GulfNews, the country is slowly selling adult novelties and marital aids for couples including whips, vibrators, edible undergarments, gels and costumes.

The products are available in a local mall.

The city also hosts “a famous lingerie store in a Jumeirah shopping center” that caters to adult tastes.

"Everything we sell here is legal. Under the lingerie license we are entitled to have our married clients avail of certain products that will enhance their life together," the store manager said.

The store sells gels and desensitizing creams as well as high-quality lingerie all imported from the U.S. and Canada. The store manager said the purpose of the store is to enhance marital relationships and all products are safe and reliable.

“What we don't indulge in, is anything that goes against the laws and morals of the country," the store manager said.

He added, "As most of our client base is from the Middle East, we have to be very careful about how we advertise and market our products. No men are allowed into the store unless accompanied by their wives.

"Often, the younger women come to us for advice on how to use the products we sell or give us feedback on how the products have strengthened their relationships with their husbands."

Although common in the West, some products are considered humorous such as a low-carb liquid love gel in a chocolate-cherry flavor (the back of the bottle promises a guilt-free experience), various body toppings and a pheromone attractant for men.