Robert Hill Releasing Streets ‘Porno Samurai Killer’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Robert Hill Releasing has released Mike Ramone’s “Porno Samurai Killer,” a compilation of scenes featuring Steve Driver and Tom Dong.

Last month, police say Driver, 34, snapped and used a prop samurai-type sword to kill his friend and fellow porn performer Dong and slash two others. A few days later, Driver, with sword in hand, leapt to his death from a cliff in the San Fernando Valley.

“This movie is in honor of Steve Driver and Tom Dong (let them rest in peace) for their dedication and hard work for the adult business,” Robert Hill owner Lynton said. “There is no business without all the actors and actresses.”

The release also stars Charley Chase, Tyla Wynn, Carly Parker and Jaslin Diaz.

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