Luc Wylder, Alexandra Silk to Appear on Playboy Radio

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — FallenAngel,TV owners Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder will appear on Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls” to promote the completion of their professional sex surrogacy training by the International Professional Surrogates Association.

IPSA is an organization that provides education, referral and support to a worldwide community of professionals in the field of surrogate partner therapy. IPSA’s surrogate training is based on the successful methods of Master and Johnson.

The training is for individuals who want to become certified sex surrogates and therapists who want to enhance their clinical skills to learn more about sex therapy and surrogate partner therapy.

“Many people don’t understand what a sex surrogate is,” Silk said. “The simple way to explain it is it’s the perfect ménage a trios. A therapist, a client and a sex surrogate or in other terms, a surrogate partner. I am hired only through a professional therapist. This three person therapeutic team has a long-term goal for the client to develop healthy relationships with physical and emotional intimacy. I teach them how to touch and how to receive touch. I model effective communication skills and emotional honesty.

“Genital to genital contact is often not a part of the therapy. I offer experiences of shared physical intimacy to facilitate in the development of healthy concepts of self esteem and improve their sexual function. It’s a gradual skill building and healing process which requires time and practice.”

“Night Calls” airs from 4-7 p.m. PST.

Listeners can call (877) 205-9796 to talk to the show’s guests.