Russian Police Bust Long-Time Pedophile Gang

Kat Khan
EKATERINBURG, Russia — Police in Russia’s Urals region have arrested a pedophile gang that for several years has traded sex slaves and forced children into prostitution, as well as produced and distributed child pornography.

Police ran an undercover investigation and detained five men, including a lawyer, an orphanage worker and a former police officer. Police said the men tricked and forced boys ages nine to 15 into prostitution and filmed orgies, and then sold the videos.

During the course of the investigation, an undercover police officer paid about $1,000 to buy a 15-year-old teenager, in order to gain access to one of the group’s orgies. The orgy took place in a flat in Ekaterinburg and was filmed. Police said the video tape provided enough evidence to bring charges against the group.

The tape shows five men engaged in a “birthday party” with seven naked boys ages nine to 14. Subsequent to his arrest, one of the men said he had been attracted to boys since childhood, police said.

Police added that the investigation also revealed that the men invited children, including orphans and boys from normal families, to visit them, showed them pornographic films and convinced them to have sex. Police said that the first encounter of intercourse always involved violence, after which the gang threatened to “tell everything” to the boys’ parents and friends unless they continued their visits.

The local prosecutor’s office has launched criminal proceedings against the group. They are charged with human trafficking, having sex with minors and involving children in prostitution.