Lynda Bedrosian Returns to Manage Spartacus

Dan Miller
PORTLAND, Ore. — Spartacus co-founder Lynda Bedrosian has returned to manage the day-to-day operations of Spartacus Enterprises.

Earlier this week the longtime president and VP of the company, Stephen Bergquist and Laurie Bergquist, announced they had resigned from their posts.

"Lynda Bedrosian, my mother, will be leading Spartacus into the future," Laurie Bergquist told XBIZ. "They have given support staff promotions to take on parts of our jobs."

Lynda Bedrosian and her husband Al founded the company 23 years ago. Laurie and Stephen Bergquist had represented Spartacus’s manufacturing division for 22 and 17 years, respectively, as the company evolved into an industry leader in BDSM products.

Laurie expressed mixed emotions about moving on after so many years as the face of the company along with her husband.

"[It's] relief to start a new phase in our careers and sadness at the same time," Laurie said. "We will miss our industry friends a lot. We are at peace with this new path for us."

The Bergquists did not rule out staying in the adult industry

"Whether we want to or not, it is not likely, although who knows what the future holds," Laurie continued. "If only I had a crystal ball."

Laurie started working at the company in 1988 as an inventory clerk at the Spartacus retail store. She managed numerous aspects of the business, including marketing and product development, while her husband Stephen also helped to run the day-to-day operations.