Hugh Hefner to Appear on 'Nightline'

Dan Miller
LOS ANGELES — Hugh Hefner will appear on tonight's broadcast of ABC News’ “Nightline.”

The Playboy founder interviewed with ABC News correspondent Jon Donvan on Wednesday for a segment entitled “Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Activist, Rebel.”

The 84-year-old publishing icon called the interview “lively” on his Twitter account.

Playboy Enterprises has generated numerous headlines in recent months as the entertainment giant is being shopped around to various bidders.

That bidding has led to a class-action suit filed last week that alleges that Hefner and investment banker Rizvi Traverse Management's bid for Playboy at $5.50 a share is too low.

It further states that the company would be breaching its shareholder fiduciary duties if it was sold for an equivalent $185 million.

The suit names Playboy Enterprises Inc. and Rizvi Traverse as well as members of Playboy’s board, seeking an order to rescind the proposed acquisition.

Meanwhile, FriendFinder Networks, Inc., the parent company of Penthouse magazine, last week offered to buy Playboy for $210 million, $25 million more than Hefner's offer.

Playboy executives have indicated they are in the midst of restructuring the organization in an effort to become a “brand management company."

Check ABC News' "Nightline" website for local listings and air times.