CollinONeal Relaunches With New Models, MyGayCash

Lyla Katz
MONTREAL — Just weeks after announcing their partnership, Collin O'Neal and affiliate program MyGayCash have launched Collin O'Neal's new WorldOfMen website.

The company says the new site is retooled to provide consumers with a world traveling experience who are looking for the manliest hunks each country has to offer.

Members can browse the site looking for men by country, model, scenes or by using a map.

Video quality is offered in three formats by clicking in the player. Members can switch formats without exiting the player.

"I am finally going to see the site I always imagined,” said Collin O'Neal, president of Collin O'Neal Productions. “I'm so glad I found MyGayCash that helped so much into putting together a visually amazing and technically fashion forward site for me."

''Having walked the street of Phoenix and Montreal with Collin, I can tell you that Collin has the charisma to reel in the nicest men around,” said Roger McMan, managing partner at MyGayCash. “That is what makes the scenes so unique. While Collin creates this great content, we manage and promote the site via our established program. His unique approach to cherry pick the model is amazing.”

Collin will continue to produce content while MyGayCash will take the online marketing lead, migrate the site to a new platform and also merge his affiliate program under MyGayCash.

“The promotion of can be done, just to name a few, via hosted blogs, rss feeds, tube tools, and an outstanding collection of free content,” said Bianca MGC, managing partner at MyGayCash. “Webmasters will, moreover, benefit from this new platform as it will permit the cookies to have a better shelf value hence increasing their revenue per click.”