Screening Party Affirms Success of ‘An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – There was standing room only during Saturday night’s screening party for Private Media Group’s “An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco” at Club Kiss in San Francisco, a testament to the buzz that’s been surrounding the film since its June 17 release.

The July 17 soiree commenced with a one hour panel discussion on the contemporary swinging lifestyle, lead by “An Open Invitation” director Ilana Rothman and leading actress India Summer, as well as Club Kiss hosts and “An Open Invitation” cast members Sarah and Chris Kiss, Dossie Easton, author of “The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities,” and Carol Queen, grand dame of San Francisco’s progressive sex scene.

While introducing the panel, Carol Queen expressed that “An Open Invitation” brought her back to the golden ages, where adult cinema was vying for a place alongside mainstream cinema. Dossie Easton expressed similar accolades.

Club Kiss noted that they’d never seen so many people attend a discussion panel, and while the event was over capacity, several guests commented that they wished the panel had gone on longer. A full screening of the movie followed the panel presentation, as well as an after party, where couples who were talking about modern relationships only moments before were able to jump in and experience them.

Mainstream news outlets, such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Reality Check TV were present, conducting extensive interviews with the cast and creators of the movie.

“The party was amazing – a huge success,” commented the “An Open Invitation” creator, who wishes to remain anonymous. “People actually came up to me afterwards, saying they wished the discussion had gone on longer. When has that ever happened at an adult screening?”

“An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco” has already leapt to #1 on Gamelink’s VOD site with record setting sales.

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