Hustler Posts 'Lindsay Goes to Jail' Spoof

Bob Johnson
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Hustler Video is giving consumers a taste of what celebutante Lindsay Lohan might expect in jail in an online spoof.

The Hustler’s "Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Goes to Jail" parody tracks Lohan’s scandals from the beginning in the judge’s courtroom and includes lesbian sex with a prison guard.

“I love playing the role of one of America’s most screwed up sweethearts,” said Scarlett Fay, who plays the role of Lindsay in the lampoon.

She added, “I played Lindsay before when we made the first film — 'Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Lohan' — and I couldn’t be more excited to have a chance to reprise my role in this second installment. I think you’ll love it. Getting to be Lindsay for a day is awesome. I love channeling my inner train wreck.”

Hustler is banking that the spoof and 'Untrue' release will dovetail on the buzz of Lohan’s upcoming role in mainstream film “Inferno” where she portrays ‘70’s porn legend Linda Lovelace.

“I encourage Lindsay to come on set for a day and see how it really goes down,” said Rob Smith, Hustler Video director of operations.

He added, “The best way to get in to character is to truly become the person you’re emulating. Most actresses perform extensive research when playing a role. We’d welcome Lindsay on-set. We’re all fans and we sincerely wish her every success as she resolves her current issues.”

The trailer for the movie can be seen here.