Vivid Offers Russian Spy Movie Deal

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment announced that it has offered deported Russian spy Anna Chapman a movie deal.

Chapman was one of 10 spies who pleaded guilty to espionage charges last week and was deported to Russia on July 8.

In a letter to Ms. Chapman's U.S. attorney, Robert M. Baum, Vivid's founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch said that he understands that she may not yet be in a position to negotiate business deals but "we wanted her to know that we are ready and eager to talk terms with her."

Vivid recently released E! TV Network star Kendra Wilkinson's video and had offered Nadya "Octomom" Suleman $1 million to make a film with the studio, but she declined.

"Anna was obviously the hottest spy we've seen in years and she was clearly the media's favorite," Hirsch said. "Though she wasn't very successful as a spy, we think she can be a terrific actress in one of our upcoming feature films. We would be willing to send our top director, B Skow, to Moscow to work with her."