‘Taboo’ Featuring the BelAmi Twins Hits Retail Stores After Exclusive Run With TLA Video Online

NEW YORK — EuroMedia Distribution, the exclusive North American distributor of “Taboo,” has recently announced that the film is now available in retail stores across the country.

According to the company, the title includes the controversial scenes featuring The BelAmi Twins going all the way…condomless.

The scene was directed by Lukas Ridgeston.

The title eventually went on sale exclusively from TLA Video online where it exceeded all sales expectations.

“Taboo” turned out to have one of the highest preorders in TLA’s recent history for a gay porn DVD and ultimately selling out of the thousands of units from the initial order creating a demand for much more product.

“’Taboo’” quickly sold out of its entire initial order almost in pre orders alone,” said Hugo Harley, Euro Media Distribution’s product director. “It’s been a good problem to deal with, having to call the replicator so many times since this release. ‘Taboo’ is truly an unprecedented success in this day and age for DVD sales. It gives proof that you can still sell significant amount of DVDS even in today’s tough market.”

For more information, contact Hugo Harley at (888) 625-5788 or by clicking here.

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