Next Door Adds Live Content to

Ariana Rodriguez
MONTREAL — Members of will now have full access to watch multiple weekly live performances by the Next Door Presents star.

Beginning this week, Wyler will be treating his members to three live shows each week. In addition to the archive of pre-recorded scenes that will remain for all members to watch, Wyler will now turn his focus to producing weekly live shows instead of pre-recorded shows, the company said.

“This is a bold experiment for Mason,” Next Door Entertainment President Stephan Sirard said. “As the online world evolves, we believe that live content will become a bigger and bigger part of delivering what surfers want to consume. With the immediacy and unpredictability of the live performances, we are looking forward to a great response from Mason's loyal fans.

Sir “The ability to get up close and interactive with fans is an exciting new venture for Mason, one that fits perfectly with his uninhibited personality. The live cam performances allow Mason and his fans the opportunity to connect in a way that adds a new dimension to his already popular video updates, photo sets and personal blog.”

Powered by Inoveo Technologies, a division of Gamma Entertainment, all live content on will be delivered in using the latest H.264 video compression technology.

“As with all of our product offerings, the quality-factor is of the highest importance,” Sirard said. “Through our partnership with Inoveo Technologies, we know we are receiving the highest quality live cam streaming experience available.”

“We are thrilled to broaden our relationship with Next Door Entertainment,” said Sabrina Miller, marketing manager for Inoveo, who also powers the live community. “With live content growing in popularity, stars like Mason Wyler are the trailblazers for offering this unique element as part of their overall experience.”

In addition to Wyler’s weekly live shows, members will also receive live show archive videos, daily hardcore theme shows and live-cam performances from other Next Door Presents stars.