Night Mobile Offering $20 Payouts on $0 Access to NightBucks

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Night Mobile is proud to announce the launch of NightBucks, its affiliate network.

Starting today, affiliates will able to make money for nothing when they sign up to and have access to one of the largest mobile networks offering more than 7,000 full movies from leading studios.

Affiliates can choose from more than 34 niche sites and create their own custom white label site with the NightBucks mobile site generator.

“This is the big one,” said JC, vice president of business development. “This will not only be good for Night Mobile but will benefit our 180 plus partners. With such a wide range of tools, sites and content there is something for every affiliate to help monetize their 3G and Wi-Fi traffic.”

Payouts are either a 60 percent revenue share or $20 per signup. The company says the kicker is that NightBucks is offering $0 access and still paying out $20.

“The mobile market is still wide open," JC added. “It is fairly young and still immature compared to the fixed web. Everybody is still finding their way. We believe NightBucks will give us an edge and establish us as leaders in our field. Any affiliate can use this from anywhere in the world and market their branded sites on a local or global scale. Mobile internet truly has very few boundaries.”

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