Paradise Now Shipping Astroglide Golden Ticket Items

Ariana Rodriguez
VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing has begun shipping a series of products featuring golden ticket stickers that could win shoppers a $100 American Express gift card.

Each carton of Astroglide’s best-selling formulas — original Astroglide, Astroglide X Premium Silicone, Astroglide Strawberry, Astroglide Glycerin and Paraben-Free, Astroglide Warming and Astroglide Natural — will be labeled with a Golden Ticket sticker. Once the product has been purchased, the consumer can peel off the sticker and see if they have the winning Golden Ticket.

“The Astroglide Golden Ticket Giveaway entices shoppers to try an Astroglide formula they’ve never used before, or even help make the decision between multiple brands,” Paradise Marketing President Dennis Paradise said. “They’ll take home a renowned and trusted brand in the personal lubricant market with the chance to win $100 — makes for an exciting evening if you ask me.”

Astroglide products with Golden Tickets began shipping July 1 and will ship on participating products ordered until Aug. 30. Participating product cartons feature the Golden Ticket sticker but only a select few will feature winning Golden Digits.

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