Peter North Kicks off Loveline Appearance with Sports Car Auction

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – One of Peter North’s personal high-performance cars will be put up for auction today when North guest stars on the syndicated radio show Loveline, with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Michael Catherwood tonight.

Peter North will be auctioning off a custom pearl-white 1993 Stillen Turbo 300ZX from his personal collection. The car has been re-built by North, complete with a modified engine, 17” VOLK lightweight racing wheels, anti-sway bar, blitz boost controller, brand new leather seats, and Specialty Z exhaust.

The car also boasts a re-built transmission with a 4000 high-stall torque converter, capable of handling over 800 horsepower. The new transmission has only 100 miles put on it, while the car itself has 15, 000 miles. The car dynoed at 518 horsepower at the rear wheels with 22 lbs. of boost.

“This car is one of my personal favorites and I’m excited to be passing it on to one of my fans,” North said. “Now they can really see what ‘maximum thrust’ is all about.”

North is willing to sign the car seats with a personal inscription for the winning bidder.

Look for Peter North’s car auction on eBay this Wednesday. The link can be found on Peter North’s official Facebook page at or by going to and searching the user name “fanmail007.”

North’s Loveline appearance can be heard on Wednesday night from 10:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. PST on KROQ FM (106.7 K-Rock) as he addresses listener’s calls with Dr. Drew and Mike, offering advice on sex and relationships alongside his co-hosts.

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