Jimmyjane Introduces Form 3

Ariana Rodriguez
BURBANK, Calif. — Form 3, Jimmyjane’s newest addition to its Pleasure to the People line of waterproof rechargeable vibrators, debuted this week at the ANME Founders Show.

Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden was on hand at the show yesterday to describe the high-end silicone, rechargeable vibrator that’s third in the series.

Imboden told XBIZ that rather than release products with several functions and “bells and whistles,” the Pleasure to the People vibrators are designed to each create specific sensations.

“The Form 2 was designed to focus on the clit,” Imboden said. “Form 3 emphasizes the touch of your partner but with added sensation.”

Form 3 features an oval-shaped design with a touch pad that’s thin enough to transfer the feel of a person’s touch while at the same time directing the massager’s vibration to that point, thus combining the two.

When a finger is not used to direct the vibration, it is channeled through the Form 3’s edges to deliver pulsations.

Imboden said that all of features included in the Pleasure to the People family of massagers are included to serve a purpose.

“For example, if a Jimmyjane product has something on it that looks like metal — it is metal,” he said, referring to a branded metal band around the Form 6 vibe. “We wouldn’t just throw something in — like metal-colored plastic — just to make it aesthetically pleasing. The metal band on the Form 6 is the contact point where it recharges without a plug.”

The wireless recharging capabilities of the Pleasure to the People line also lends to its cleanliness, Imboden said.

“It has no cracks or crevices, making it fully submersible in water to give it a thorough wash,” he said.

Pleasure to the People is a collaboration between Imboden and famed designer Yves Behar that dates back to 2007. Design-centric Jimmyjane designs products that "provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create provocative possibility."

All the designs feature medical-grade silicone, are completely body-safe and are backed by Jimmyjane’s three-year limited warranty.