Evolved Novelties Showcases Touché at ANME

Ariana Rodriguez
BURBANK, Calif. — Having just announced an exclusive North American distribution deal with European adult novelty manufacturer Touché, Evolved Novelties roused attention toward the new line during the ANME Founders Show.

Touché’s creator Oscar Heijnen presented the 15-product line to visitors of the Evolved Novelties booth yesterday. He told XBIZ that the partnership was born of similarities shared by principals of both companies.

“Greg [Alves] and I just clicked,” Heijnin said. “We share similar experiences, being a DVD company that’s grown into the novelty business.”

Evolved international sales rep Valentino told XBIZ that Touché is a unique line with enough similarities to complement each other.

Among the one-of-a-kind Touché offerings is its freezable massage oil that can be used with the Vibrating Ice Massager.

“The massage oil melts and you can finish off with a massage,” Heijnen said. “It’s the first massage oil that’s freezable and edible. It also can be used as a lube and is condom-safe.”

Touché products are packaged in black boxes with elegant foil designs with flaps that open and magnetically close.

“It has a very couture look,” Valentino said.

Heijnen said that the high-end packaging was inspired by French designs and that the line’s pink and purple hues reflect what has proven to be the bestselling colors in the novelty industry.

An extra layer of silicone encases Touché massagers’ motors for quiet vibration and a memory chip remembers a user’s favorite settings. The European-made line is crafted from medical grade silicone that adjusts to body temperature.