LiveCamCash, SiN2.0 to Give Away 2 iPads

Lyla Katz
TORONTO — To promote its new LiveCamCash affiliate program, OnHerCam has launched a new contest where the big prize is an Apple iPad.

"We have come up with two very unique contests where anyone can win no matter how much traffic you have,” said Derek 'Dwreck' Smout, OnHerCam's sales and marketing director.

The contest winners will also be picked live on the OnHerCam service alt-girl Violet Doll (

Smout says he began talking with J-SiN at SiN2.0 to come up with something unique and fresh.

The contests are a unique mixture of Internet scavenger hunt, affiliate performance and luck.

"I wish they had a contest like this when I was pushing traffic; no tiers, no fine print, no BS,” Smout said.

To enter the contests, participants must complete a combination of tasks which include searching out clues, signing up for an affiliate account at LiveCamCash and answering a few relevant trivia questions.

The contest will be based on answering five questions on our network of sites and five questions about

"We jumped at the chance to help Dwreck and OnHerCam promote their affiliate program with this unique giveaway," said Jason 'J-SiN' Hart, president of SiN2.0 and host of the SiN2.0 adult webmaster podcast.

"The iPad has had a lot of buzz lately and I think what better then to pair it up with a similarly exciting giveaway and affiliate program launch."