Low Art Releases New Janine Film

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — Low Art Films announced the release of "Dirty Desires" starring Janine — the only film shot with the star this year, according to director Oren Cohen.

“This is the only Janine film on the market. It was an honor to make and incredible to work with her, and the scenes show you why she is the most famous woman our industry has ever had the pleasure of calling a true star.”

The film contains nine scenes in a two-disc set. The cast also includes Jessica James, Dylan Ryder, and former Playboy Playmate Sandy Westgate.

James commented on Cohen’s skills saying, “Collaborating with an amazing videographer and his vision-coupled with such a sexually devious and professional cast, how can you go wrong? This is hands down one of the sexiest movies I’ve ever shot. Janine and I, together? Need I say more? Taking our lust for each other and sharing it with the world is truly awesome, and it shows. It was my pleasure ravaging these bevy of beauties.”

Cohen said he wanted to capture Janine’s spirit in a positive way considering her recent challenges.

"She’s a wonderful person with a vivacious spirit that needs a lot of help and support through these times. I wanted to capture her spirit in a positive and beautiful way. I want her to be proud of the imagery being presented to the world."

He added, " I would love to see this release usher in a new era for Janine. She needs to be a part of her success on camera both in a fiscal and creative sense. Hopefully this will be a first step in her ultimate reclamation of her career.”

The film is scheduled for a July 7 release.

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