Private Media Group to Street ‘Private World Cup: Footballers Wives’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Private Media has entered the parody market when it streets “Private World Cup: Footballers Wives,” a spoof of the British TV drama, “Footballers Wives.”

“Private World Cup: Footballers Wives” stars Bobbi Starr as Victoria Fuckham, Amy Brooke as Paris Clinton, Carla Cox as Leslie Trash and Kimberly Kane.

According to Private, the soccer wives' ferocious competition has been going on for years, but reached its climax at the 2010 World Cup when Leslie discovered what Victoria and Paris had been up to behind her back. In a vengeful rage, Leslie arranged a secret meeting in the men's locker room. She forced Paris and Victoria to kiss at gunpoint while taking blackmail photos. But when the men's soccer team unexpectedly showed up, Leslie couldn’t follow through. Faced with her fantasy of screwing the entire team, she drops the gun and teams up with Victoria and Paris to fuck her way through the soccer team.

To see the trailer, visit Private's minisite at

“Private World Cup: Footballers Wives” will be released July 15.