Homegrown Video Announces 1st Ever Couples Contest

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – For the first time in the studio's history, Homegrown Video is holding a contest for the Homegrown Couple of the Month.

Inspired by the flood of submissions received every month by amateur exhibitionists, Homegrown will highlight the talent of video contributors with one lucky winner.

The contest will automatically qualify all video submissions received between now and July 31. Videos must contain at least two people engaged in real, great sex. No limit exists on the number of people in the video; entrants are welcome to submit videos with as many friends as possible. The winner will be awarded $1000 and be featured on the box cover of an upcoming release. The contest results will be announced in the first week of August.

“Having been designated as the ‘democracy of porn – porn by the people, for the people,’ we at Homegrown Video have decided to give a little more incentive to all the closet exhibitionists who have ever considered making a homemade adult video,” said Moffitt T, Homegrown Video CEO. “The main requirement we ask for is real people having real sex.”

For submission guidelines, click here: HomegrownVideo.com