Nikki Benz Returns to FOX Sports Web Series

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — After a one-month absence, adult star Nikki Benz is returning to her mainstream gig on’s web series “Cubed.”

The star reprises her role as a wise cracking, sports-savvy cleaning lady in a sexy maid uniform.

After appearing in 28 episodes Benz said she’s happy to be back on the show.

“I was originally hired by 'Cubed' producers to do one episode only," said Benz.

“In the very first episode I had a French maid outfit on. The producers loved me and I clicked with the cast so well that they had me back only they decided to put me into a regular maid’s uniform just so I wouldn’t look as if I was wearing a Halloween costume.”

Benz said she enjoys the chance to play comedic roles.

“The writing is great and I get a chance to be funny, smart and sexy at the same time. It has really fueled my interest in pursuing more mainstream roles.”

This week’s episode with special guest star Snoop Dogg can be seen here.