Adult Performer, Director Shawn Ricks Dead at 46

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — Adult performer and director Shawn Ricks reportedly committed suicide on June 26.

Ricks’ actions may have been the result of a combination of his alcoholism and the use of the sleep medication Ambien.

The performer appeared and directed in more than 200 films with a career that began in 1993. His final appearance was in 2001 in Heatwave’s “Doin’ Da nasty 3.” He continued directing after that until 2005.

Ricks’ wife, Liz reportedly said he was getting his life back together after taking a three-year break from the industry due to his drinking problem.

She said he was getting in shape and working with rescue dog groups. He was also looking to return to school and learning web design.

Ricks is survived by his wife, two dogs, an older brother, two older sisters and several nieces and nephews living in the Chicago area.

He was 46 years old.