Hypnotic Dreams Release 4 Erotic Hypnosis Titles on CD

STERLING HTS, Mich. — Previously available only as downloadable mp3s, Hypnotic Dreams is now offering several titles on CD. This provides consumers the option of purchasing CDs through CreateSpace and Amazon.com.

The company can also supply retail outlets with commercially-packaged CDs at wholesale prices.

The four CDs being released include:

“Introducing Erotic Hypnosis” “Introducing Erotic Hypnosis” helps you develop the mind-body connection, discover a heightened sense of sexual awareness and your true potential for arousal and pleasure. This hypnotic sensual fantasy helps you to visualize yourself enjoying the pleasure of your body free of inhibitions so you may become more easily and more deeply aroused, and enjoy greater sexual pleasure, including more frequent and intense orgasms.

Hypnotically Seduced This erotic/romantic audio story is for women who dream about the hypnotically seductive stranger; the irresistible man who inspires the most compelling desires and sweeps you away with the most intoxicating pleasures. Listen to a story so sensual and compelling that it will seduce you into a deep hypnotic trance where you’ll meet this hypnotic stranger, and before you know it, you’re following him to a secret chamber. He ties you to a fur covered bed, seducing you deeper with increasing pleasure until you surrender every fiber of your being to his hypnotic, erotic control.

Trance Conditioning This unique hypnosis recording combines Ericksonian storytelling, guided visualization, and neurolinguistic programming to integrate physical, emotional, direct, and indirect suggestions. The combined techniques will enable anyone to achieve more effective hypnosis regardless of their suggestibility type or experience level. Positive affirmations help you gain confidence in your ability to respond to hypnotic suggestions and safety suggestions help you wake easily if needed.

The Pleasure Principle An erotic audio story of a hypnotist who helped a woman regain her excitement for sex and increase her desires for all sexual pleasures, including flirting, kissing, foreplay and intercourse. Telling the story with sophisticated NLP language patterns, the narrator implants the same post-hypnotic suggestions in the listener’s subconscious mind, increasing her desire for sexual pleasures and reshaping her self image into that of a woman who lives for the pleasures of sex. The recording is free of D/s and fetish references, so every women may enjoy listening and experience a healthy increase in sexual desire.

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