Liberator Releases FlexRamp

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — OneUp Innovations has released its newest shape, the Liberator FlexRamp.

The FlexRamp is contoured specifically to fit the curves of a woman’s body for adequate support and its patent-pending design flexes with the body’s motions.

Like the purple Liberator Ramp used by George Clooney in “Burn After Reading,” the FlexRamp features the same 12-inch rise and 34-inch slope. Its width, however, has been reduced to19 inches in an hourglass shape that mimics the female form for performance and comfort.

The new design decreases the product’s overall mass, resulting in flexibility and motion during use, the company said.

FlexRamp is offered in seven fashion prints and colors including black, blue, purple, red, tan, leopard and white tiger.

The FlexRamp’s petite design also makes it easier for retailers to display. The product’s point-of-purchase nylon gear bags come equipped with interchangeable vinyl headers presenting the product with or without optional photography.

The FlexRamp has a suggested MSRP of $130 and each unit comes with a 190-paage Liberator Position Gude.

Liberator’s FlexRamp is supported by a national advertising campaign in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Maxim and Men’s Heath.