Liberator Films Launches DVD Series

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — OneUp Innovations Inc., creator of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, debuted the DVD series “Sex with Jaiya,” from its Liberator Films imprint, with the release of two titles.

The first two titles in this series are “Erotic Bedroom Arts” and “Pleasuring the Pregnant Woman.” Jaiya, a somatic sexologist, is the author of “Femme à Femme Erotic Massage.”

The “Sex with Jaiya” series illustrates techniques to improve sexual presence, sensual touch, arousal and overall sexual; ability.

“Sex with Jaiya: Erotic Bedroom Arts” is an instructional guide for couples that are looking to increase intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom. Two couples are featured in the film as Jaiya narrates her advice on how to stimulate the erogenous zones, male and female genitals, and she discloses sexual positions that allow “hands-free” access to the most pleasurable spots.

“Pleasuring the Pregnant Woman” is a guide for giving a sensual massage for the pregnant woman, including instructions on massaging her genital area and perineum that can help her better prepare for labor and delivery. Jaiya also offers advice on sexual positions, orgasmic birth, the use of adult toys, and tips for men on how to please their pregnant partner.

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